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Human communication

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SCOM 1000 Human Communication



Communication with a Friend or Family Member

 No late assignments or excuses will be accepted!

 Content requirements:  

 Throughout the course, you are required to engage in critical thinking about what we discuss in class and what you read about in the book.  

 The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to think critically about your human communication experiences and practices.  




The major objective for this assignment is:  

 Explain your own interaction in an interpersonal relationship you have with a  friend or family member.

 Identify your common, or typical, communication practices with that friend or family member and explain your relationship using the concepts that you are learning in class and in your research.  

Using human communication concepts, identify one or more of your own communication practices that could be improved when dealing with that friend or family member.  

Using human communication concepts, identify some examples of poor communication on your part and on the part of the friend or family member.  What could you do to improve communication between you and that person with whom you are in an interpersonal relationship?  What could the other person do to improve?  

Explain a situation in which you would change something that you have done in the past with that friend or family member and explain the likely outcome had you changed.  How would you apply it to the future?  




-- You may use online libraries, such as Galileo, but none of the sources can be Internet sources.  Textbooks for this class, your other classes, a dictionary, the Bible, etc. cannot be among the main three sources used and cited.  Wikipedia may not be used as a source at all.  Your work will be severely penalized if Wikipedia or any other basic encyclopedia is used.  There are encyclopedia that are field or discipline specific, such as the Encyclopedia of Radio and the Encyclopedia of Television.  Such field or discipline specific encyclopedia are acceptable.  


-- The minimum of three legitimate research sources must be on a separate page at the end of your research paper, but they will not count as part of the 2-3 page minimum/maximum.  In other words, you can use a fourth page only for the reference page.  To repeat from above:  You will need a minimum of three legitimate research sources.  The person about whom you will write is not a source because you will not be interviewing that person for the assignment.  That means you are expected to have a minimum of three sources documented properly.  


Formatting requirements:  


Jeff Koerber

SCOM 1000 Online

Human Communication Report II

November 4, 2009 (or whatever date the assignment is due)


Student’s Full Name

Course Title

Paper Title                                                                                              



Human communication involves the exchange of information from one human to another, for example, through interpersonal communication. Boyd (105) asserts that interpersonal communication includes the verbal and non-verbal messages that help people in exchanging information. The process of human communication assumes different forms and consists of various factors, but the ultimate objective remains the same. Recently, during a family get-together, I vocally spoke and interacted with one of my cousins, Lane Marshall, where the bottom-line for our interaction was the transference of information.

Any interaction between two people results in the identification of some common communication practices. For instance, the avoidance of information overloads. While information is an essential part of interpersonal communication, it is imperative that the individuals involved avoid information overload (Saramaki et al., 943). Information overload affects the efficiency of communication as it leads to the loss of important messages that are either ignored or disregarded. Besides, information is not the ultimate objective of any human interaction. Communication goes beyond transference of information as people often explore aspects of inspiration and motivation. Through...


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