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Human Activities related to global climate change

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Human Activities related to global climate change


Human Activities related to global climate change

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Over the recent past, human activities have contributed significantly to the global climate change all over the world (Abatzoglou & Nespor, 2014).

Apparently, the increasing human population has accelerated the rate at which the environment is being affected as a result of increasing human activities.

In most instances, the immediate surrounding of the people is the first ecological setup to experience a negative impact.

For example, an industry set up in China will produce both smoke and noise that will affect its immediate environment. However, over an extended period of operation, harmful gaseous emission will spread not changing only the air around but also the Ozone Layer.

Chemical pollutants

According to TG. (2009), chemical pollution can be viewed as the release of chemicals in the environment that threatens our health; disrupts the balance of our ecosystems.

In particular, chemical pollutants on water and air have posed a more significant threat to the aquatics and human being who rely on the same water for consumption and other household purposes; more specifically, on the global climatic conditions

Chemical pollutants may entail sources that are directed to the water sources or air and contains harmful chemical contaminants such as Herbicides, Pesticides, and insecticides.

Also, there are chemical pollutants that are impacted on the environment as a result of diffusing. The contaminants are generated from one point and through various pollution agents, it is diffused to the climate (TG, 2009).





How chemical pollutants lead to global climatic change

Chemical contaminants, when exposed to the environment, poses a more significant danger to our climatic conditions than any other pollutant

First, when chemical wastes are leased to the air, the impact of global warming will be witnessed. Chemical pollutants as Acetic Acid (used in the manufacturing of plastics), when released to the atmosphere will increase...


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