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How do Cars Affect People and Earth?

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How do Cars Affect People and Earth?






How do Cars Affect People and Earth?

The invention of the wheel led to the discovery of vehicles. It was after series of development that traditional cars were developed to the modern-day statues. The desire to come up with a mode of moving people and commodities from one point to another was facilitated by the fact that people wanted to do business, and it was only by establishing a mean of logistic that business activities could be practical. There exist several types of cars, large ones and small ones. The essential criteria of consideration are the varying prices from one car model to another. There are thousands of car brands across the world, all of which are uniquely made to fit the needs of their specific target market. People's desire to move from one place to another and move their products has necessitated the increased production of vehicles around the world. The best side of cars is that they facilitate business and facilitate the movement of people. However, cars have negative implications on ecology and people in that they affect air quality, causes acidic rain, causes noise pollution, and increase the cost of living.

Vehicles facilitate business by allowing the movement of products from the point of production to the market. A report by the Union of Concerned Scientists indicates that the usage is cars is not necessarily negative. The article demonstrates that cars have facilitated economies grow due to the ease in mobility of business commodities from one point to another. A good example is when a farmer wants to move farm outpoint from the farm to the market place. It is entirely impossible to do so without having a vehicle. It is also worthy to note that some of the products used in the market are highly perishable, hence the use of traditional modes of transport may not be sufficient to buyers as well as sellers. Therefore, cars play a positive role in enabling people to take products to market as well as moving them from the market after purchasing. Other than facilitating business, having a car can also enhance the mobility of people.

People cannot live in one place, more often than not, they will require to move to different destinations to accomplish their daily work. A good example is when people have to move from their home to their offices. This benefit can be looked from the perspective of convenience that ownership of vehicles creates to users. A report by the Union of Concerned Scientists proves that increased demand form car has emanated from the increased need of people to interact. Therefore, the key advantage for...


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