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How Climate Change is Killing Coral Reefs

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How Climate Change is Killing Coral Reefs


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How Climate Change is Killing Coral Reefs


Protection of natural organism is a contentious issue that has gained attention all over the world with most scholars showing concerns regarding how human activities are contributing the degradation and extinction of rare living organism. Due to the increased environmental changes, it is prevalent that most living plants are at risk due to climatic changes and an urgent intervention is called before things get out of hand. Taking the example of Coral Reefs, this species is highly threated by the human activities that have contributed significantly to the environmental changes. Coral reefs are underwater creatures under the group of invertebrates: these structures rely heavily on the underground habitat for food and survival and in response, provide a home for marine animals. Other than housing the vertebrates, coral reefs play an important role in attracting tourists mostly around the sea shows. Apparently, coral reefs are the only water bodies that are capable of absorbing poisonous substances from the water making it safe for other inhabitants to survive. However, human activities have played a devastating role towards the continuation of such organisms and one the most notable manner in through global warming. In this essay I will focus climatic change factors that have led to the effect on Coral reefs in the United States. Coral reefs are essential as they protect the coastlines from the damaging effects; therefore, these structures should be preserved.

Impact of climatic change on the coral reefs

Figure 4.Basically, every living organism suffers when there is adverse environmental condition that does not provide a suitable habitat for human and sea animal. Coral reefs are not exceptional and suffer equally when the climatic condition is rapidly changed with little or no room for adjustment. For the last one centuries, the issue of climatic change has been discussed over and over again with a conclusive remark or blueprint on where the future of the living organism lays considering that their habitat has been invaded and destroyed by this “climatic dynamism.” Responding on the unsustainability of the world ecology systems, an article on "Losing Our Coral Reefs” sights that the tread taken by our societies through the human being activity does not offer a safer assurance for the future generation and more so, the next generations in regards to aquatic life.


Source: Somera, Tracey McDole, et al. “Energetic Differences between Bacterioplankton Trophic Groups and Coral Reef Resistance.” Proc. R. Soc. B, vol. 283, no. 1829, Apr. 2016, p. 20160467. rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org, doi:10.1098/rspb.2016.0467.

According to an article published on “More than 90 Percent of Coral Reefs Will Die out by 2050,” for the last...


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