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History Discussion; Black Community

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What is the difference in strategy for racial uplift described by DuBois and Washington? What did you learn about the problem of lynching, and why did lynching occur, when studying the PBS website? please see the rubric and the references uploaded 


History Discussion; Black Community

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History Discussion

W. E. B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington were among the predominant activists of Negro rights. As advocates of the minority, they responded to the white supremacists demanding that freed slaves received full rights. However, they had contrasting interpretations; for this reason, they disagreed on approaches for African American socio-economic advancement. Washington’s plan entailed submission and self-help while Du Bois supported civil rights agenda and agitation. Lynching occurred to intimidate black community; therefore, I learned that its objective was to augment white segregation.

Washington emphasized that blacks should accommodate white supremacy while Du Bois opposed the submission aspect, suggesting agitation. According to Washington (1895), accepting white cruelty would subsequently establish an interdependence between whites and black community, leading to the economic development of both groups. In contrast, Du Bois (1897) opposed submission and argued that it resulted in an insignificant advantage; consequently, he proposed formation of social liberties organizations to fight for black rights. All this indicates that Washington and Du Bois had opposing views regarding strategies for racial uplift. Submission and political strategy were not the only differences between the two leaders but also issues of civil rights and self-help.

            Du Bois’s strategy emphasized on protests for civil rights contrasting Washington’s philosophy of self-help. According to Wells-Barnett (1892), Booker T. trusted that black community could attain their full rights through acquiring an education, subsequently, proving valuable to white supremacists. However, despite Du Bois appreciating the significance of training, he proposed that minority groups had...


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