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Health Career Plan for a Register Nurse

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Health Career Plan for a Register Nurse


Health Career Plan for a Register Nurse


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Health Career Plan for a Register Nurse

Job Description

Registered nurses can be considered as the back-born of treatment and support services offered to patients in a health care setup. As such, their job description entails a large scope of activities, mainly support activities which are meant at ensuring services provided to patients is safe, compliance with nursing guidelines, and at the same quality. One of the key job descriptions is to implement the orders of physicians. For example, they may be required to administer a particular medication, start IVs, or even document the treatment process as required (Chen, 2010). They have a duty of assessing and working on patients’ needs to facilitate comfort and healing. The job description for an RN also entails providing emergency services as well as primary care in the case of occupation and non-occupational illnesses. The other duty, according to Chen (2010), is to help the ancillary personnel in ensuring professional safety and standards are upheld.

However, despite these broad duties, RNs have limits to authorities and responsibilities. For example, regardless of the extent of experience, registered nurses do not perform diagnosis or decide how patients will be treated in any circumstance. This is a critical limit to duties and authorities since an RN can only rely on physicians for guidelines on how to handle a particular case of patients (Schroyer et al., 2020).

An RN has a critical code of ethics to abide by as provided by the American Nurses Association. First, a nurse must understand the primary goals of the work being done, practice autonomy, be beneficent, and portray justices in all dealing with patients. The American Nurses Association stipulates all ethical aspects that a registered nurse should abide by...


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