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Hard Time Blues - Video Viewing assignment

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Modern Dance

Hard Time Blues - Video Viewing assignment 

  • Description
  • Analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Judgment




The first dance film, “Hard Time Blues” was choreographed by Pearl Primus and has only one dancer. I saw one man performing throughout the presentation and appeared to be making acrobatic movement during the performance. I also saw the stage was dimly lit with a blackened background.

In the second dance presentation, “The Rite of the Spring” was choreographed by Pina Bausch and has many performers who are all ladies. I saw that the girls dancing were fourteen in number and all of them were wearing typical attire, and later four men joined the dance making a total of eighteen. I also saw a lady appeared in red dressed and was held by one of the male dancers while the others observed in silence.

The third film, “Nó - Companhia de Dança” was choreographed by Deborah Colker. In this dance, I saw that the dance started by one man binding a woman with a rope and they seemed to be making out by kissing each other during the dance. In the beginning, I saw that many dancers partook the dance making well-coordinated moves.


The number of dancers varied from one dance presentation to another. The first dance had the lowest number of dancers. In “Hard Time Blues” the man was dancing to a song that references sharecroppers and performed by the folk singer Josh White. The dancer was wearing black pajamas without any shirt. He had long hair coiled into raster-like. The dimly lit dancing floor enlivened the mood and enhanced the objectives of the choreographer.

The second dance, “The Rite of the Spring” had fourteen dancers. The ladies were wearing creamish-dresses. The dresses were long and loose-fitting which enabled the ladies to make movements easily. Later men joined, and they were wearing black pajamas without shirts. They were dancing to the music “The Rite of Spring, Part 1." Their costumes and the lighting were appropriate for the choreography bringing an appealing spectacle of uniformity.

The “Nó - Companhia de Dança” had many dancers, about eighteen, and they did not have a uniform costume. The center of the dance floor is more lit than other parts of the stage. This lighting enhanced the romantic mood mostly at the beginning of the dance when a man kisses a girl. The costume and lighting enhanced the choreography and the flow and pace of the music being played. Several ropes tied upwards from the center of the...


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