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Great Zimbabwe: Martin Hall and Rebecca Stefoff

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For over one hundred years, controversies have surrounded the archeological site at Great Zimbabwe. For much of the twentieth century, there was a debate about who built Great Zimbabwe, who should own the artifacts from the site, and, more recently, who should control access to its ruins. Delve into one of these controversies by posting to this discussion. You may want to read several of the sources posted, then choose ONE source to examine in detail by answering the questions under Step 1.

In about 300 words, focus on one of the potential sources below and do all of the following:

Explain the context of your chosen source (Consider: what can you surmise about the author’s background, when was the source was written, and how the source reflects attitudes prevalent when it was written)

Identify the source’s point of view (Answer: What stance does your source take? How does the source’s stance relate to the debate?)

Assess the source by addressing: How does your source try to legitimize its point of view? What is your assessment of its point of view? Potential sources to examine debates

Who built Great Zimbabwe?


Select ONLY one from the list below

W.H.S. Monck (1892) S

chlichter (1893)

Richard Hall (1905)

Canton-Thompson (1931)

Garlake (1980)

Martin Hall and Rebecca Stefoff (2006)


Great Zimbabwe: Martin Hall and Rebecca Stefoff

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Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe is one of the famous settlement ruins in the world. For decades, its history has attracted a lot of controversies, defined by the dispute about who built it. This essay will use Great Zimbabwe by Martin Hall and Rebecca Stefoff as a primary source to clarify this argument. The authors published the text in 2006, as an introduction to the archeological history. It is more a study of the archeological techniques than it is about the history of Great Zimbabwe. In its description of previous research summaries, the...


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