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Globalization’s Inequities and Interdisciplinary Social Science

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Causes of poverty and inequality

The role of globalization in causing poverty and inequality.

A theoretical argument from social science explaining the relationship among globalization, poverty, and inequality

Possible policy remedies to poverty and inequality

Do this policy recommendation conforms to more to one discipline or theory than the other?

Do you believe these remedies might improve these particular human conditions (poverty and inequality)?



Globalization’s Inequities and Interdisciplinary Social Science

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Globalization’s Inequities and Interdisciplinary Social Science


Poverty is a condition in which an individual is deprived, lacking the fundamentally acceptable possession materially or amount of funds, while inequality is a state of society where there in unfairness distribution of opportunities such money and other material wealth. It is undoubtedly known that this problem of poverty and inequality is experience everywhere across the globe. Relationships among globalization poverty and inequality can be explained by Marx's theory. Lack of education and size of the family are some of the factors causing poverty and inequality while the policy of direct provision of good can serve as a remedy to poverty and inequality.

 Causes of poverty and inequality

Lack of education and basic skills is in one of the factors contributing to poverty and inequality to many people across the globe. Most of the people living in extreme poverty in the world are lacking basic education, however, this does not mean that all uneducated people in the world are poor. Inability to raise school fees by some families is one of the reasons why people have no basic skills to get employed. Most people who lack basic education are pursuing simple jobs which do not require skill to execute. It is undisputed that such jobs are poorly paid which means that an individual doing such jobs would have very little earning that cannot afford him possess the basic accepted material or have the amount of...


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