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Global Warming Questions

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What is global warming?

The causes of global warming

Negative consequences of global warming

Positive consequences of global warming

Methods that can be adapted to control globe warming

The research currently being done on the continent of Antarctica to study global warming.


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Global Warming Questions

What is global warming?

Global warming is the process by which heat in the atmosphere slowly increases as a result of the presence of gases like chlorofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide, and other environmental pollutants (Varma, 455). Global warming has been noticed in most regions across the globe, its causes and their impacts identified. Global warming is increasing becoming an issue of concern in many parts of the world, therefore, collective action from all stakeholders can be used in identifying and remedying the situation.

The causes of global warming

According to Varma (457), the source of global warming is human activities which may include but not limited to the following human activities; agricultural activities, deforestation, mining activities, industrial activities

First, agricultural activities are releasing a substantial amount of nitrous oxide and methane gas into the atmosphere. Rearing of domestic animal like herbivores contributes to global warming since during their digestion process enteric fermentation occur facilitated by microbes found in the animals' digestive system resulting in methane gas released into the atmosphere. Besides, growing of a specific type of crops like rice which grow on waterlogged filed that lack oxygen gas penetration into the soil lead to the production of methane gas. In maintaining the fertility of soil for high agricultural produce farmers apply manure to their farm which during decomposition methane gas which deters heat from leaving the surface of the earth to the atmosphere leading to global warming (Steenburgh, 155).

Second, deforestation is another global warming contributing factor. Most of the activities performed on the earth surface including breathing, cooking, and transportation activities among others release carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. On the flip side, green plants are living organisms which utilizes the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in their food manufacturing process known as photosynthesis. During the photosynthesis process, plants use carbon dioxide and release oxygen gas as the by-product. The consumption of carbon dioxide by green plants reduces its quantity in the atmosphere hence decreasing the greenhouse effect. The increased human population around the globe has fueled the cutting down of trees to pave the way for agricultural activities to produce enough food for the population which is growing at an alarming rate. Besides, deforestation has been practiced in most parts of the world to provide fuel such as charcoal and firewood, the action which facilitates greenhouse effect since the plants which reduce the carbon dioxide are wiped out (Steenburgh, 159).

Lastly, industrialization and mining activities have significantly contributed to global warming. Machines used in industries consume fossil fuel like coal and petrol as their method of propulsion. When such fossil fuels are burnt carbon dioxide gas which has greenhouse effect is released into the atmosphere and shields heat from leaving the surface of the earth and hence global warming. Industrialization has also led to improved standards of living whereby many people are in a position...


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