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Generating Research Questions/Proposal Activity

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1.                  What do I already know about this topic?

2.                  Where did I get this information?3.                  Why do I believe it or what is my bias?

4.                  What are the experts saying about this topic?

5.                  What is the media saying about this topic?

6.                  What are the issues that develop an understanding of this topic?

7.                  What issue of the topic is most interesting to you?

8.                  What issue has been researched the most?



Generating Research Questions/Proposal Activity

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Analyzing Your Topic: Activity 1

Before you can start on your Literature Review, you should begin delving a little deeper into your topic. The most effective way to organize your thoughts is to situate your knowledge with what you know and what you do not know.

1.                  What do I already know about this topic?

I know that the topic is a contentious issue that is affecting lives all over the world and has a substantial bearing on the future.

2.                  Where did I get this information?

Information regarding my topic is sourced for environmental conservation agencies in the United States and peer-reviewed journal articles that will provide the basis for literature review.

3.                  Why do I believe it or what is my bias?

The selection of the topic to be discussed is not based on bias and it is delivered from reliable scholarly sources and consent knowledge. Furthermore, the topic objectively aims at finding leading cause to global warming which is a frightening phenomena

4.                  What are the experts saying about this topic?

Experts are on a concession that “Global Warming” is a contentious issue that requires to be addressed with haste. They concede that human being have a critical role...


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