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Fundamental institutions of Sparta and Athens

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Fundamental institutions of Sparta and Athens

In about 500 B.C., what were the major differences and similarities in the fundamental institutions of Athens and Sparta?


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Fundamental institutions of Sparta and Athens

In about 500 B.C, during the Ancient Greece the cities of Sparta and Athens could be characterized as bitter rivals; as such, the Athenian and Spartan societies were very dissimilar in various aspects. Nonetheless, the two cities also had a lot in common. The dissimilarities between the cities are what differentiated the two; conversely the common institutional elements they shared ensured that the cities were united under Ancient Greece. It is essential to appreciate that the two cities were significant to the world and Greece due to the historical value they possess (Ober, 194). Sparta was an administrative capital while on the other hand; Athens was the capital city of Ancient Greece. The two cities had collective affinities as well as contrasts that characterized their institutions for example regarding the views of women, government and so on.

The government structures of the two cities were not entirely different considering Sparta and Athens did have some affinities too. In both the cities the respective governments dictated that every person had to follow and respect the law; as such, no one was above the provisions of the law. Besides, Elizabeth (752) asserts that it was categorical that neither of the cities accommodated the autocratic system of governance, Sparta was ruled by two kings while Athens was predominantly democratic. However, concerning the system of governance the cities had various contracting aspects; for example, Sparta was an oligarchy meaning the city was under the rule of a few individuals, notably the five...


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