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Foot Binding


For this assignment, we will complete the “Thinking Like an Historian” section on page 360 of your textbook, "When and Why Did Foot Binding Begin?" Read the excerpts about foot-binding and answer the following questions. Which of the written sources (Sources 1–5) is most relevant in judging how common foot binding was? Explain your answer. Do you find in the evidence here any clues to why foot binding spread? The outsider’s perspective: Do you think Odoric, the author of Source 5, saw women with bound feet or just heard about them? What is your evidence? How would you compare the comments of the Italian visitor in Source 5 to those of the Chinese authors in Sources 1–4? Can you draw any parallels between foot binding and the lengths women (and the men who encourage them) will go to change their physical appearance in Western societies, both past and present?   Be sure to provide quotes and examples from the text, with proper citation, to support your analysis. All submissions must be at least 750 words in length.   I will be sending The readings to complete this assignment Previous Next
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