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Final Paper: Drug Use Affects Learning Ability among College Students

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Final Paper: Drug Use Affects Learning Ability among College Students


Final Paper: Drug Use Affects Learning Ability among College Students

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Final Paper; Drug Use Affects Learning Ability among College Students

Drug use is very common among college and university students. Most students at the college level are at their adolescent stages with their mental development not fully achieved. They enjoy the freedom of deciding their life because their parent is no longer controlling them. Some are lucky to engage in part-time jobs; hence, they have some disposable income to spend on luxury drugs. They are easily manipulated by their peers, who finally lure them into illegal drugs.  The number of students who begin to abuse drugs after joining college is increasing at an alarming rate. The subsequent increase in the number of students abusing drugs has spearheaded this research works. It is vital to research the effects of drug use among college students because most students associated with substance abuse tend to perform poorly in academics. The purpose of this paper is to determine how drug use among college students impacts their learning ability. It would explore factors promoting drug use in colleges and how they can be controlled.

Background/Review of the Literature

Drugs use constipation of substances to influence the working of the brain and the general nervous system. Substance abuse is more common among youths than adults due to peer pressure influences. Students accept to consume drugs their friends are consuming because they are afraid of losing the company.

Stimulants medication is utilized to treat attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder to relieve signs linked with lack of pulse control. The consumption of stimulants such as Adderall for an individual diagnosed with ADHD requires a prescription from a physician. According to Benson et al. (2015), the prescription of stimulants for college students diagnosed with ADHD is on the rise. Some students have been prescribed stimulants while in high school, while others are prescribed after entering colleges. Research studies have reported that some students use stimulant drugs without physician prescription and other purposes such as pleasure rather than medicinal drugs. Students take advantage of physician prescriptions to secure more stimulant drugs and then sell them to their colleagues who misuse them. 


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