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Executive Summary: How can Lego Company be successful in China?

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Executive Summary: How can Lego Company be successful in China?


Executive Summary: How can Lego Company be successful in China?

The continuous growth of the Chinese market has proven to the most significant center of attraction for most of the European-based companies investing in China. Previously, any form of investment into China acted as a promise for the realization of maximum profits. Today, due to various economic challenges such as unfair competition most of the multinationals that had initially invested in China are ceasing any forms of operations. For instance, after agreeing to gain 18 percent stake in the combined company, Uber a car-hailing company surrendered its services to its close rival Didi Chuxing. Despite these challenges, Lego Company, the Danish toymaker believes that the Chinese market offers a unique opportunity for growth. This is evidenced by the continuous involvement through increased investment by the company in the Chinese toy industry. 

            This paper-based research study addresses the different ways and avenues that can be exploited by Lego Company in China. This assessment will provide an insight into the different strategies that can be used by the company executive so that to achieve the set goals and objectives in the Chinese market.

In chapter 1 of this study, the scene is set through the provision of descriptions surrounding the concepts of background, history, and evolution of Lego Company. The purpose is to create a platform that will shade more light on the business activities of Lego Company while describing the factors behind the interest to invest in China. Besides, the goals and objectives of this study are also outlined in this chapter. 

            Chapter 2 addresses the multidisciplinary approach utilized in the study. The intention is to create a way that can elaborate on the different marketing approaches (Marketing 4Ps) that can be used by the Lego Company in China. The explained marketing approaches provide the most significant basis that can determine the success of the company in popularizing its products in the Chinese market as well as gaining a competitive advantage. The study borrows from different academic peer-reviewed sources, for example, the Journal of International Marketing. This chapter also highlights the performance of the Lego Company in China.

            Chapter 3 concentrates on the application of theories such as organizational theories, global strategies theories, and so on. The significance highlighting these theories is to focus on different possible ways that can help Lego Company to be successful in China. These theories elaborate on how the company can alter its operations so that to improve efficiency levels thereby gaining a competitive advantage.


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