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Exam #2: Strategies of Managing Fresh Water

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Exam #2: Strategies of Managing Fresh Water 


Exam #2: Strategies of Managing Fresh Water

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Exam #2: Strategies of Managing Fresh Water

Social Impact Questions (30 points)

Question 1.

A.   The first strategy in managing freshwater is ensuring effective conservation. When people have lots of water, they tend to forget about saving it or using in the right way. Conservation will promote more sustainable utilization. The second strategy is to encourage sustainability climate. For example, when the climate is damaged, clean water is equally affected.

B.    Continuous growth and demand for water are necessitated by factors such as increased in population, industrial activities, as well as an increase in misappropriation by human beings.

C.    Climate changes affected water, either positive or negatively. On the negative side, changes in climate can lead to water decline. For example, high temperatures can lead to massive evaporation of water. Similarly, the polluted environment can befoul the purity of water sources. On the other hand, if climate conditions are made conducive enough, can lead to more generation of water from forest sources and ice.

Question 2

A.   By the end of 2015, there were about 18,000 desalination plants in the world.

B.    Desalination is not the solution to the problem of a fresh supply of water because; one it is an expensive process, and not all countries can afford. As the case given in Algeria, it is clear that the process is very extensive and requires very high technology. Secondly, desalination cannot satisfactorily serve the entire population. Finally, desalination cannot be a complete solution to the problem of lack of freshwater because not all states are bounded by a water body such as a lack of ocean. For desalination to work, a water body must be located in a reasonable distance that can facilitate cost-effective access to water for purification.

Question 3

The United Nation (UN) theme for the 2019 International Women day is to promote "Think Equal, Build Smart, and Innovate for Change." The goals to...


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