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Every Noise at Once

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Follow this link, to the website "Every Noise at Once."  Take some time to explore the hundreds of genre samples (be sure to scroll down).  By clicking on the double arrow that  reveals next to each genre label you can explore that category in depth.  The sheer number of genre's makes its own point about the bewildering and often tribal isolation embedded in our traditional approach to genre.  After spending some time pick four different genres from the web site and rank them from most attractive to least attractive. By "attractive" I mean only how much you want to hear it again.

In your response to this post please do the following:

1) Provide your genre list in ranked order.  I will assume that the sample piece represents your choice unless you specify otherwise.  In other words, when you dig into each genre you will get multiple examples.

2) Discuss briefly what you were responding to in your ranking.

3) Present an analysis of your top and bottom choices (2 total) in terms of "Arousal, Valence, and Depth," per the article, "Music Genres Re-Sorted into 3 Clusters Linked to Personality."

When you respond to your classmate, be sure to listen to their list before you respond.  Compare your response to the music of your classmate's list with their own characterization.



Every Noise at Once

After spending some time on the “Every Noise at Once,” website, I selected the following four genres arranged in the order of attractiveness (how much I liked the songs and its beats). (1) R&B, (2) Dance Pop, (3) Rap, and (4) Reggae.


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