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Evaluating current workplace (Catholic Hospice) using the seven Baldridge criteria

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Submit an Applied Paper evaluating either your current (or former) workplace using the seven Baldridge criteria. There should also be a minimum of three scholarly citations, one from the textbook related to the topic and two from other sources, preferably using the Barry Library link on the course website, and properly cited using APA format.

Hi, I currently work for Catholic Hospice. You may find information on our website at www.catholichealthservices.org.  


Use different categories of Baldridge criteria as the subtopics.


7 subtopics




Evaluating current workplace (Catholic Hospice) using the seven Baldridge criteria


Institutional Affiliation

Evaluating current workplace (Catholic Hospice) using the seven Baldridge criteria

The Catholic Hospice is dedicated to improving the quality of life of its patients and their families on their journey through a life-limiting illness and grief (Catholic Health Services, 2018). As a form of organizational development and assessment, the Malcolm Baldrige criteria empower any given organization to attain its objectives and enhance productivity by becoming more competitive. An organization that apply for the Malcolm Baldrige award is judged based on the achievement and improvement on different categories by an independent board of examiners.  The use of Malcolm Baldrige criteria raises awareness on quality management as well as the promotion of global leadership through sharing successful strategies and performance practices. The seven categories of Malcolm Baldrige criteria can be used to evaluate and improve the competitiveness and performance levels at the Catholic Hospice.


Leadership is one of the most significant categories that can be used to judge the achievement and improvement levels at the Catholic Hospice. According to Gaucher and Kratochwill (1995), as part of an evaluation criteria leadership determines the strategies used by the senior executives in guiding an organization. At Catholic Hospice, the senior executives have the responsibility of overseeing the organization through addressing its duties to the general public as a way of enhancing performance levels. The leadership at the Catholic Hospice focuses on the dispensation of governance and social responsibilities through the aid of an efficient system of governance that includes the improvement of leaders.  To enhance productivity, the senior executives ensure that the team of providers goes about their duties legally and ethically.  



At the Catholic Hospice, the organization is characterized by the adoption of a specific set of strategic directions that determine the most significant action plans. Catholic Health Services (2018) asserts that senior executives create platforms that aid in the development and implementation of strategic objectives. Through strategic planning, the Catholic Hospice has improved performance levels by focusing on...


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