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Essay: Causes of increased Crime in Georgia

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Essay:  Causes of increased Crime in Georgia

The crime involves any activity that is punishable by law and is termed as an evil act to the social norms. Crimes entail many types of misconduct that are forbidden by the law of a country. Some of the main crimes include stealing, murder, resisting arrest, possession and sale of illegal drugs, public nude, careless driving, and armed and unarmed robbery, among others. Crimes are punishable according to their magnitude; some are punishable heavily than others, like murder and rape. In Georgia and mostly in Atlanta, the levels of crime have increased. According to FBI crime data, there were an estimated 605 new crime cases in 2019 but increased to 943 crime cases in 2020 (Henke, 2021). The article further shows that violent crime increased by 23 percent. Homicides registered an alarming increase of 62 percent from 2019 to 2020 (Henke, 2021). Crime in Georgia has spiked because of peer influence, levels of education, easy asses to firearms, drugs and alcohol abuse, low-income levels, and failed parental guidance.

Research by Bond stresses that peer influence...


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