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Escape From the Western Diet

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In his essay, “Escape from the Western Diet,” Michael Pollen argues that the western diet that most Americans are eating is unhealthy. His suggestion is that consumers can regain health by refining their approach to eating simply by following his motto: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”What is your view on his motto? What does he mean? Is this realistic for the American consumer? Why don’t most Americans follow this motto? Dive into this motto and argue for or against it or extend Pollen’s argument or idea to create your own argument derived from Pollen’s essay.


-For the content highlighted in Yellow, deal with in the introduction. Then, provide a clear thesis for the main content, presented in a bold color.

-I have highlighted the moto being referred to in red.

-The file attached is an annotated bibliography I had completed for the client. Kindly read it and march that level. 

-I have attached the book which contains so many articles about food, in fact, the article in this assignment can be found on page 624--631 

-Traditional argument essay: Use a “They say I Say” approach. In other words, start with one writer’s opinion, then agree or disagree and create your thesis from there. 

-I have attached an additional bibliography. It should appear in the references. (Note how the references for those articles are written)


Only References below.

1.      Introduction: Pages 621-623

2.      Escape from the Western Diet Pages  624--631

3.      Why don't convenience stores sell better food? Pages 632-640

4.      Don't blame the Eater. Pages 647-650

5.      What you eat is your business. Pages 651-655



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Escape From the Western Diet

In the article, Escape from the Western Diet, the author analyses the modern-day dietary behaviors among families in the United States. Pollan uses his motto, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” backed by nutritional philosophical views to emphasize ways that can make food more beneficial (630). This slogan exemplifies a realistic approach that can aid Americans to eat healthy to improve quality of life. However, he clarifies that people prefer fast foods because they are easy to prepare. As a result, the Pollan’s axiom address health concerns because it explains that healthful diet reduces risks for cancer, obesity, manage diabetes, cardiac complications, support gut health, develops bone density, and enhance the health for the future generation.

            Michael Pollan proposes that when people eat vegetables and fruits, they minimize the danger of cancer since poor dietary standards cause obesity that maximizes health risks. He focuses on this disease because it is among the leading cause of deaths in the United States. As a result, he describes that through eating mostly plants; a person attains and maintains a health-giving weight range that...


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