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Entrepreneur's Report- Jack Ma

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The selected entrepreneur is JACK MA

Relate everything to the entrepreneur and their business

For this paper, do not add 1.1, or 2.1 etc. Just put as it is. ONLY bolded subtopics should appear and labelled.

1.0   Introduction (200)

P1 Entrepreneurship

P2Entrepreneur selected.

How do you identify with Jack Ma?

If you could interview Jack Ma what questions would you ask them

2.0 How Jack Ma started (500)

Major failures (Effects of Failure p.52)

Major breakthroughs (include Skills to Enhance Creativity p. 25).

Draw a mode to relate the 4 elements i.e. SEEC model

3.0   Entrepreneurship Ideas (500)

Include Three Phases of Design Thinking p. 28)

Design a good image and explain it.

4.0 Business resources (Business funding and sustenance) (200)

Theory 1 (RBV)

Theory 2 (Add one more)

5.0 Stakeholders’ objectives (500)

Theory 1

Theory 2

Stakeholder Map (p. 19)

Types of Stakeholders (p. 20)

6.0 Main strategies (500)

Strategies used in his business

How does jack Ma conduct his business?

7.0 Recommendation (200)

You will also comment on the approaches through which creativity can be developed in the individual.

8.0 Conclusion (100)


Entrepreneur's Report- Jack Ma

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Entrepreneur's Report- Jack Ma


1.0  Introduction

Entrepreneurship refers to the activity of setting up a new business, taking on financial risks to maximize the profitability function.  It involves the process of planning, induction, and maintaining, what is initially a small business. A person who offers products and services to a target market through this commercial entity is called an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is an individual who undertakes a venture to converts ideas or inventions into a new product or service to attain revenue. Jack Ma is recognized for his commercial potential, leadership skills, and resources management that have turned his venture into a commercially viable organization.

 I identify with Jack Ma because I believe he is a top-performing entrepreneur who is the most important influence in the victory of Alibaba Group. I am convinced that his success relies on his ferocity and practical nature to do whatever it takes as long as it remains within ethical boundaries. Majority of the successful entrepreneurs monetize their life and business experiences. As a result, if I get an opportunity to pick Jack Ma's brain I will ask him the following questions: How did you know you had the right idea? What are some of the mistakes you wish you could change?


2.0  How Jack Ma Started

Major Failures

Today, Jack Ma is a successful entrepreneur who always keeps up with the macro-economic changes. According to Addams (2018), during the recent crypto-fever, he said he was confident that technology would resolve the challenges of confidentiality at the different areas of society. He affirmed that Alibaba Group was already creating frameworks to monitor changes in block-chain because the global market relies on significant data. However, Jack Ma was not always a shrewd businessperson, and on the way to break through, he suffered multiple defeats. The following are instances where he experienced business and personal failures:

a.      Was Rejected for 30 Jobs

After graduating from the Hangzhou Teacher's Institute, he applied for different company jobs, and in every instance, he received a regret message. He sent applications for over 30 jobs including joining the police force where he was turned down (Addams, 2018). However, he remained optimistic and determined that things were bound to change.

b.      Failed to Convince Investors

At the brink of bankruptcy, Jack Ma was unable to persuade Silicon Valley to invest in Alibaba. After creating the firm, it remained unprofitable for over three years because of the dot.com bubble burst, and it had also expanded too quickly (Forbes, 2019). Nonetheless, this challenge enabled him to learn from past mistakes and improved the business operations of his firm.

c.       Denied his Alibaba Partners Managerial Positions

Jack Ma told his partners that they would not be partners in the organization. Addams (2018) explains that he made one of the poorest organizational decisions when he said to his partners they would not become executive managers, despite investing more than $60,000. He planned to hire professional managers. Learning from his mistakes, Jack Ma later allowed his partners to hold top positions as he believed in teamwork.



Major Breakthroughs

Jack Ma's journey to success started when together with his friends they implemented their business ideas and created an online site about China and Chinese products. Ma christened it ‘Chinapage', and it contained Chinese firms and their products. According to Forbes (2019), the initiative attracted interests from investors; however, the inquiries were marginal enough that the website struggled. To maintain operations, Jack Ma and his partners decided to collaborate with a governmental body, relinquishing majority control in the firm. The partnership brought along firm bureaucratic practices, which minimized his control and ability to implement organizational ideas. This situation forced him out of the company because he felt constrained.

Figure 1: SEEC Model

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