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English Paper: Theme of Romanticism

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- complete two 4-6 page papers (1250 words

minimum) during the semester, chosen from a list of topics provided. These papers should include a Works Cited page (Works Cited does not count toward the four- to six-page requirement). The paper must be argumentative (persuasive), with a clear, explicit, and assertive thesis statement (underlined), and must use a minimum of five to seven sources, including at least one to three primary sources (the text or texts discussed) and three to five secondary sources. Essays should be grammatically correct, free of errors in mechanics, grammar, usage, spelling, and documentation. 

the Romantic poets for an analysis of at least three William Wordworth's poems which are we are seven, lucy gray and  stranger fits of passion have i known.how they align with the themes of Romanticism analyzing the poems for both content and language. 

William Wordsworth's poems "We are Seven", "Lucy Gray" and "Stranger fits of passion have I known"," align with the theme of Romanticism for both content and language and focus on incidents and situations from common life

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William Wordsworth's poems "We are Seven", "Lucy Gray" and "Stranger fits of passion have I known"," align with the theme of Romanticism for both content and language and focus on incidents and situations from common life.

We are seven is a renowned romantic poem about a little girl’s innocence and tragedy. The story is about a little girl who believes that her dead brother and sister should be counted among her family members. However, both the speaker and the child do not agree, which leaves behind unanswered questions about the nature of death. The poem focuses on the child’s situation from common life and emotion. The little girl expresses her sorrow when she tells the speaker about the death of her two siblings and how she spends time near their graves.

Lucy Gray poem is about a young girl named Lucy Gray, an adorable, charming, and obedient girl who is very affectionate towards her parents. Concerned about her wife's safety, Lucy's father gives her a lantern to take to her mother as they expected a storm that evening. The obedient girl agrees to go, but unfortunately, the storm arrives early. Her mother arrived safely at home; however, the girl lost her way. Her parents searched everywhere for her but could not find her. However, they believe she is still alive, and they're hopeful that they will find her.

The theme of nature is portrayed in Lucy Gray's poem. Nature is a recurrent theme in William Worth word's poetry, adding that most of his poems reveal joy in nature and the bond between nature and man. When Lucy loses her way home and gets lost, her parents look for her in the open fields. They followed Lucy’s footprints one by one but going further, there were no more. However, they hear her song in the air and hope that she is still alive. Nature, in this case, is expressed in the way Lucy's parents search for her in the wilderness and open fields. As they continue searching for her in the wilderness, they hear her song in the air.                                    

And never looks behind;

And sings a solitary song

That whistles in the wind  

The fact that the parents were looking for Lucy in the wilderness shows the bond between her and nature. It aligns with the theme of Romanticism in Lucy Gray’s Poem and it is portrayed through their parents' sorrow when they fail to find the little girl.

 They wept--and, turning homeward, cried,

"In heaven, we all shall meet;"

--When in the snow, the mother spied

The print of Lucy's feet...................





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English Paper: Theme of Romanticism


In romantic poetry, there is thus a connection that runs between human and their emotions and corresponds to the natural world. In the perspective of the romantic poets, there is a great and nearly uncontrollable between the natural world and the internal and the external life of humans. The facts that humans are social beings tend to make humans connected to each other through feelings; Romantic feelings. Romantic love, unlike other kinds of love, can be terrifying, mysterious, free and wild, and open and very immense (Mashao, 33). Romantic love has been an essential part of poetry and traces its origin to the Romantic era; it was referred to as the romanticism period. In literature, romanticism would refer to the period between the 18th and the early 19th century where there was the romanticism movement (Buckley, 242). William Wordsworth is among the leading romantic poets who played a significant in the launch of the Romantic Era, courtesy to his rich prowess in romantic poetry. William Wordsworth has had many romantic poems, including "We Are Seven," "Lucy Gray," and "Stranger fits of passion have I known" all aligning with the theme of romanticism; the content of the poem and language use has a focus on contemporary and common life incidences and situations.


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