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End Of Module Assignment (St) + Journal Entry

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End Of Module Assignment (St) + Journal Entry


End Of Module Assignment (St) + Journal Entry







Executive summary

Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical in the world that operate in a research field for human and animal health with over than 200 billion USD. The company conducts research to find solutions to almost all kinds of ailment for animal and human, develop the drugs, produce them and market its products to nearly all parts of the world where it has an operation base. The drugs produced are mainly grouped into three distinctive categories: animal health, consumer healthcare, and the human health for the purpose of facilitating marking and selling.

The top most brand produced, with the highest volume and revenue, under the category of human health includes Lipitor, Zoloft, Norvasc, Celebrex, and Viagra. In considering the animal health, the Pfizer incorporation has developed products such as anti-inflammatories, parasiticides, and other animal antibiotics. However, the human health division accounts for the largest share of the total revenue of the company 93% in the year 2006.

Pfizer is a truly international pharmaceutical company that operates in nearly every part of the world with base headquarter in New York City. The company has over 79 major plants located outside the United States: France, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, and the UK among other places. This aim of this essay it to review the Pfizer’s history, make the analysis of the current market position, and make an evaluation of the sustainability of its current operation strategy. Using these research areas, the essay will also provide recommendations for the Pfizer’s strategic issues that it is facing.

Company background

Pfizer is a family pharmaceutical company that was founded in the year 1849 by Charles Pfizer and his cousins Charles Erhart.  The duo were young businessmen from Germany, and they were motivated by bringing the rare medicine to the United States marketplace. Their initial product into the US market was a candy cone that was manufactured for the health of human and animals by combining the anthelmintic drugs for fighting internal parasites.

The initial breakthrough of the company was identifiable when they established a base in Brooklyn which later became the heart the chemical District in the New York. The progress was hastened by the emergence of the American Civil War when drug demand increased to meet the Union soldier’s needs. During the time, the production was simple due to research limitations to produce compound medicines. Between the year 1860 and 1870, the production was characterized by the production of simple human drugs such as preservatives, painkillers, and disinfectants.

The key product of Pfizer by the year 1880 was the colorless crystalline acid derived mostly from pineapples and lemon juices which eventually made the company the leading producer of citric acid in America. Due to the growing demand as a result of wider application of citric acid, the company produced in large quantities, and by 1882, the company was able to open another branch in Chicago, Illinois.

In 1990, the company adopted the research-based production techniques that aimed at making discoveries to produce drugs that were life-changing. The first breakthrough in innovation made Pfizer the leader in the market of Penicillin and vitamin C which made significant market penetrations and revenue. Encouraged by this success, Pfizer focused its research on more antibiotics. Constant growth has been experienced since the year 1972 with core strategy on a research-based model. At present, Pfizer is capable of hitting over $48 billion in annual revenue making it the leader in the provision of consumers’ products and drugs in the world (Wal, et al., 2007).


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