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Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence: Journal Reflection

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• Write about a child with special needs or suspected needs that you know. You may also choose to write about what you have observed in yourself as a child that might be considered an emotional or learning challenge.
• Reflect upon your observations of the child. What are the potential developmental, behavioral, and emotional challenges for this child? What interventions may be helpful in overcoming this challenge? Explain.


Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence: Journal Reflection


Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence: Journal Reflection

I work as a psychiatrist, and I have come across some children with severe autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These children bear a condition that can be characterized by various challenges regarding speech and non-verbal communication, social skills, repetitive behaviors, social skills as well as complemented by unique strengths and weaknesses (Singh, 2016). As a professional psychiatrist, I can state that there are various types of autism that result from unique combinations of environmental and genetic influences. In most cases, the children I attend to are diagnosed at the aged between two and three years, however, in some cases, autism can be diagnosed as early as 20 months of age.

Most notably, I have noted that autism affects the potential development of children as such they develop at a different rate and fail to develop skills as exhibited by normal or typically developing children. For instance, according to Camarata (2014), most of the children with ASD might start to use a few single words at the age of one year, with the children not being able to possess the mastery of language like normal children; additionally, they tend to learn only a few new words each month. Also, I have realized that it takes up to three years of age for children with ASD to start combining words to form short phrases. Besides, children with ASD normally are capable of labeling their body parts but fail to do the same in a picture. To further add on that, these children can be able to identify color but fail to sort various things according to color.


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