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Discussion 6


Assignment Instructions

After completing the readings and watching short clip videos, address the following discussion board questions/prompts below. Each question/prompt should be answered with at least one paragraph including three to five sentences per paragraph at a minimum.

There is a 300-word minimum and 450-word maximum requirement for your Initial Post for Discussion.

Answer the following Discussion Board prompts:

  • What does the concept of the "third place" mean?
  • Why is a "third place" especially important to older adults?
  • Why is socializing particularly important for seniors?
  • How can the concepts of the "third place" and socializing support seniors aging in place?
  • Think about your own life. Do you have a "third place"? If so, what is the benefit for you? If not, what do you think the benefit might be to you to have a "third place"?
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