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Disadvantages of Teen Drivers

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Disadvantages of Teen Drivers


Teen Drivers

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Teen Drivers

Owning a driving license one of the thrilling achievements among teenagers. Teenagers perceive obtaining a driving license as freedom by driving themselves to work, school, or meet without relying on their parents to ferry them. On the same note, parents are pleased by their children's ability to drive themselves because they won't be obliged to ferry them to school or job. Driving has certain importance in rural regions where the transport units are in limited supply. However, lack of experience, risky behavior, and immaturity render newly licensed teen drivers at risk. Car crashes in a major cause of death among youth in developed countries. According to Duddu, Kukkapalli & Pulugurtha (2019), teen drivers aged between 15 and 19 are very vulnerable to car crashes, injuring themselves and passengers in their car and the death of other road users such as pedestrians. Teen drivers are more probe to car crashes than any older age group in the USA and contribute to a high traffic death rate. Research shows that about half of the 7 to 18 years old person lose lives in car crashes die as teen drivers aged upto19 years involve in traffic car crash. Teen drivers are prone to car crashes because they drive vehicles at high speed, drive while under the influence of drugs like marijuana and alcohol, or are distracted while driving and hence lose control.

To start with, youth behavior of driving cars at his speed is a major factor contributing to the high rate of traffic accidents among teen drivers. Driving at high speed alone is responsible to occasion risk for crashing and injury or death upon occurrence of car crashes. Young adult drivers are prone to driving at high speed to prove their driving prowess and cover the long-distance within the shortest time possible (Weiss et al., 2018). Especially when teen drivers are carrying young passengers tend to drive at super high speed as the passengers cheer them when they overtake other vehicles driving on the same line. In case a car moving at high speed slips from the road, it becomes hard for the teen drivers to control the vehicle, and hence car involves in a car accident. Regulating a car on a road bump while moving at high speed is a challenging activity that may cause the car to lose control and fall, causing death to both drivers and the passengers. Driving at high speed is dangerous to the driver and his or her passengers because it is easy for a car to hit the people crossing the road at zebra crossing parts of the road or even hit people walking along pedestrian lanes. Among the deadly car crashes involving 14 to 20years old amounts to 36% of the total fatal car crashes in America (Taubman–Ben-Ari et al., 2015).

Drowsiness and nighttime driving is another factor contributing to fatal traffic car crash among teen drivers. Most youths in the United States of America do not get sufficient sleep and have changed the circadian rhythms hence contributing to tired risk. Lack of enough sleep interferes with an individual ability...


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