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Disability Assignment Interview Paper; Dementia

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Disability Assignment Interview Paper; Dementia


Disability Assignment Interview Paper; Dementia



In most of the industrialized nations, dementia is most commonly caused by the Alzheimer's disease (AD). Benjamin (2013), explains that dementia acts by interfering with the normal functionality of an individual concerning taking part in daily activities, as such it can be termed as a brain disorder. All races and ethnic groups, as well as people above the age of 60 years old, are highly susceptible to the development of the Alzheimer's disease; however, it affects fewer men as compared to women.  Bearing in mind, the rise in life expectancy that guarantees an increase in the aging population the current statistics on the number of persons diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is projected to increase in the coming years. Concerning my interview project on Alzheimer’s disease, I interviewed my father who has been diagnosed with the disease for a quite a while. It is significant to acknowledge that for about three years my father has exhibited symptoms that underline memory loss. However, I am not fully aware of the challenges that my father faced before him developing his disability, considering I was raised in a different home. During the interview, my father explained to me the significant experience he faces as a result of dementia as well as the challenges of the condition. 

Alzheimer’s disease

            Throughout, my research on dementia, I discovered that the condition, is caused by the development of abnormal areas that contain lumps and bundles that result from abnormal proteins, subsequently, these clumps hamper the connection between brain cells. In the case of my father, the disease affected his cognitive ability that enables him to have control over intellectual functions such as language, memory, and thought. According to Fields and Johnston (2010), Alzheimer’s disease results in an individual possessing low levels of certain chemicals that are responsible for carrying around messages in the brain. While interviewing my father, I noticed that he had lost his intellectual ability hence his daily activities were hugely affected. Alzheimer's disease symptoms are very subtle in the beginning, concerning my father after a period of time he started to lose his ability to reason and think this was complemented by his inability to judge situations.

 Additionally, Lock (2013) asserts that Alzheimer's disease can be revealed when the individuals diagnosed exhibit a changed personality...


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