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Digital Marketing Tactics

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Digital Marketing Tactics


Digital Marketing Tactics


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Digital Marketing Tactics

1.0 Background of Tesla Company

The company was founded in 2003 as Tesla Motors; however, in 2017 the company was incorporated to form Tesla, Inc. to reflect that it also dealt in other products as opposed to only vehicles. The company is owned by Elon Musk recording a turnover of over $25 billion annually and has more than 35,000 employees. Tesla Inc. was established by a group engineers who had drawn inspiration from the need to speed up the world’s transition to the use of sustainable energy (Tesla, 2018). Besides, the founders of the company wanted to change the general belief that dictated that the use of electric cars required a compromise.

According to Tesla (2018), presently, the company has vested interests in the production of alternative energy vehicles such as battery-operated vehicles, hybrid vehicles and solar-powered cars as well as other clean energy generation and storage products. Tesla Inc. is a forerunner in the provision of sustainable energy options considering the company has enrolled the services of the best research and development teams. Tesla Inc. runs its production operations from its factory in Freemont California to guarantee the creation of sustainable energy ecosystem.

2.0 The context of Digital Marketing tactics

Tesla Inc. has a diverse presence on different social media platforms that include Facebook and Twitter where the company commands a following of over 4 million people from different parts of the world. Sunley (2017) acknowledges that the social media marketing teams at Tesla Inc. generate online traffic through frequent posts that allow the company's social media followers to be engaged through the use of modest means. For example, in 2016 to support the launch of Tesla’s Inc. newest brand the Model 3, the company used social media platforms to promote their messages far and wide. Today, the use of social media has grown popular due to the increased access to smartphones; therefore Tesla Inc. decided to capitalize on its use considering it's a fast and free way that can be used to establish a successful connection with potential customers.

There is a significant shift in marketing trends as auto-mobile manufacturers no longer rely on using television advertisements as a way of promoting new brands (Sherman, 2017). For that reason, to align with the continually evolving marketing tactics the marketing team at Tesla Inc. has adopted social media marketing to be part of its product promotion campaigns. This situation is evidenced by the increase in the total mentions on different social media platforms among the most significant car brands in the world as shown in Figure 1. From a social media marketing perspective, Tesla Inc. depicts incredible strength despite the company being founded in 2003, and recording comparatively less annual returns compared to other automotive giants. Tesla Inc. outperforms the majority of the established automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Chevrolet, and so on the use of social media as a digital marketing tool. This situation indicates that despite being smaller, it has significantly outperformed the majority of its competitors.



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