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Deepening Understanding of Radio

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Deepening Understanding of Radio


Deepening Understanding of Radio


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Radio as a means of communication to masses has been in existence for a very long time now. Its evolution over the years since its invention in the early 1900s has witnessed tremendous growth. The development of better broadcast equipment has boosted how the masses receive information considering that in the past transmission of the radio waves was limited to short distances. Advancement in technology cannot be undermined because, without it, communication overseas, in deep waters and places with adverse climatic conditions et cetera could not be possible (FCC, 2004). Radio has influenced communities at large and even played a part in economic growth. By paying for licensing, promoting brands and music, radio has contributed to nation-building. Invention of the radio has revolutionized politics and in some cases, presenters have incited their audiences in a way or another. Since the political elite lost its democratic deference privilege, it has become subject to radio discussions (Lule, 2016).

History and Origin

The early 1920’s was when the process of making a radio began. Guglielmo Marconi is said to be the father of radio, but not without the contribution of other great men before him. It was invented in an effort to facilitate communication over the sea for sailors but it, later on, gained popularity and even police officers began making use of it. These men who created the radio were from different countries of origin. Hertz discovered of wireless waves and it is this discovery that is most important because it paved way for the rest. It is for this reason frequencies are measured in Hertz, after Heinrich Hertz (FCC, 2004).



Who Runs Radio In The United States?

    In as much as the government has put measures in place to regulate radio use, there no limit as to how many radio stations cooperation can own. Clear Channels Communications...


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