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Dark Fantasy

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Dark Fantasy


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Dark Fantasy

Dark fantasy is a genre of fantasy literature, cinematic, and artistic works that include frightening and disturbing themes of fantasy. The bottom line of this genre is that it includes elements of horror with a sense of dread or horror and a gloomy dark tone. The modern fantasy is shy from the name modern because this subgenre is more than two centuries old. The beginning of modern fantasy as a subgenre can be traced back to the 19th century. The subgenre is with stories that later became known as literary fairy tales, which were created in the form of stories from the oral tradition.

The dark fantasy subgenre has since evolved; there is the Low fantasy which is a set of literature in the primary world, although the magic elements of the story give the story impossibilities. The high fantasy is another form of taking a secondary world with the logic of the primary world, although with consistency in logic. Science fiction is the newest form of dark fantasy where the author is inspired by the development in science to give a weave for stories to give a feeling of extrapolations of the current scientific advancements. The output of fiction science is highly plausible, although they are nearly impossible in the real world. One of the outstanding distinctions between science fiction and fantasy is that fantasy has stories that are impossible while science fiction has some improbability as it is an improvement of the current science. Science fiction only tells stories of technology and science, and they are set with a plot of the future, on a different world or in a different universe, and in space. 

The dark fantasy authors are stretched from the 19th-century authors like Allen Edgar Poe to 20th-century authors like Dean R Koontz. The plot of dark fantasy has, in most cases, dramatic struggles against an in formidable doom or maybe a character fighting within himself for control of their own sanity. The other distinguishing element of the dark fantasy from the other fantasies is the unhappy or sorrowful ending. There is the tendency of evil to triumph over good in dark fantasy. “The Ghost in the Cap’n Brown House” by Harriet Beecher is a dark fantasy that presents a ghost and guest who argues that he just saw a ghost in the house. Like other dark fantasy stories, the writer leaves the author at the dispensation of making a debate on whether the ghost occurred or not. Dark fantasy stories give stories...


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