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Crime in St Mary’s County in Maryland

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A pathos essay on Crime in St Marys County in Maryland and how some changes can lower the crime. 4th page is a cited work page


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Crime in St Mary’s County in Maryland

Crime is much prevalent today than it was half a century ago. Crime has become a very serious problem in society and directly or indirectly affects everyone. Crime is like a double-edged sword, and its adversities affect the victim, the perpetrators, and their families too. The level of incarceration in the united states is increasing, meaning that the levels of crime as risen beyond normal.   It is fascinating how there are new prisons being built today. The incarceration rooms are piling up and cannot hold the increased number of inmates. The federal and the local governments have invested resources and commitment towards reducing crime, but our environments are proving hard to make the efforts effective. The types of crimes that are more prevalent in St Mary’s are murder, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery. The crime rate in St Mary’s County is at 4.4 per every 1000 people. The most prevalent is robbery and murder, which is at 8.1 per 10000people. There are various ways that St Mary’s County Sherriff has adopted to help in curbing insecurity in the county (Crimegrade).

As of 2019, the population of St Mary’s county was at 115,090, and its population growth rate is estimated at 0.69according to the united states census statistics. The rate of crime in a normal year is estimated at 19.75 per 1000 residents. It means that the county is still safe to live in, though not to the recommended state. This crime rate figure means it is below the average crime rate of Maryland state, and it is safer than the national average. Safety analysis shows that 91 percent of the county is not safe from crime. The rate of crime in a normal year is estimated at 19.75 per 1000 residents. The northeast part of the county is the only place considered to be safe by the residents.  In the Southwest of St mary’s county, the chance that you will be a victim of crime is at 1:39, and in the northeast is at 1:70 (Crimegrade). Violent crimes like Assault, Robbery, rape, murder are the most prevalent in the county, followed closely by Property crimes like Theft, vehicle theft, Ason, and Burglary. Other crimes registered in low numbers are kidnapping, Drug crimes, Vandalism, identity theft, and animal cruelty.

Having a safe community is having the measures to reduce crime put in place. One of the ways of reducing crime at St Mary’s is by connecting returning prisoners to stable housing.  Accessing stable housing can be...


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