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Creation Myth

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In Unit 3, the concept of myth was examined by multiple perspectives and examples were provided from all over the ancient world on the origins of our world. In this assignment, you will create your own ‘Creation Myth’ that attempts to resolve one of the great philosophical questions: how did we get here?


Your creation myth can be an adaptation of those you reviewed in Unit 3 or an entirely new approach. It can include a flood or any other component of climate. Your myth can present gods, goddesses, demigods or any other type of mythic creature (fairies, elves, fauns, centaurs, etc.) or it can express a spiritual entity that reigns supreme on its own. The key to this exploration is for you to experience the drive and wonder found in the Humanities even today to explain how we came to be.





your myth is story form. (2 or more well-developed paragraphs)



the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ the world and its people were created and came to be. Think about why others should adopt your myth. (one or more well-developed paragraphs)



On the creation of your second artifact for the Humanities. Explore how having a solid understanding of myth enhances your ability to experience art, literature, music, and most anything else at a deeper level. (one or more well-developed paragraphs).


Creation Myth

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Creation Myth

Before the existence of humans in the world, there existed one God who was like a monolithic supreme being whose spirit was wandering the world. The name of the supreme being was Deus. Deus continued to live on their own until one day that He became bored and felt that creating other creatures to keep him company could be ok. Deus first created a very big animal-like dragon and did not serve the purpose He intended because the animal wanted to compete with Deus. Deus was Jealous, and He decided to kill the dragon. Deus thought of creating an animal with His resemblance, and the first people to create were a Man and a woman and named them Marius and Estelle. Deus created humanity from the two, and their residence was on the mountain. Deus rested on the mountain with Marius and Estelle. While on His inspection tour and looking at His creation. As Deus wanders, he notices that Marius and Estelle have become lazy and cannot perform the roles He had assigned to them. Out of Anger, Deus decided to through them from the universe to earth as a way of...


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