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COVID-19 on Mental and Physical Health: AL 375: Final Course Project-Literature Review

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AL 375: Final Course Project-Literature Review




·      Enhance understanding of research in policymaking

·      Use critical thinking to analyze published literature on a specific topic/policy

·      Understand the importance of the hierarchy of evidence (use pyramid) when selecting the “best” evidence.

·      Synthesize multiple literature sources to understand the current knowledge surrounding a policy topic.

·      Demonstrate the ability to communicate ideas effectively in both verbal and written format




Topic/Policy should be supported by at least five sources.  Three sources must be peer-reviewed journal  research articles.  Ensure sources meet the following:


§  Use government sources, Federal, State or Local.

§  Use national organization information if needed.

§  Three sources must be peer-reviewed research studies

§  All sources must be based on research conducted in the United States

·       At least 2 of the three peer-reviewed journal articles should be published within the last 5 years: A source older than 5 years should only be used if it provides necessary background or history of your topic.


                      Note: Your literature review should summarize your understanding of the current                         knowledge surrounding your topi/policy. .




·       Include a Title page and Reference page. An abstract is not required.

·       Adhere to APA 7th Edition guidelines, including level headings, double spaced, Times New Roman 12, and 1” margins.

·       The submission should be at least 3 page and no more than 4 full pages in length. Note: The title page and reference pages are not included in the page count.

·       For the organization of your paper:

ü Use the information in the synthesis matrix to help organize and write the paper

ü Use interesting topic sentences and transitions for each paragraph to lead the reader through your literature review

ü Refer to various resources in this course and the sample organization located below for guidance. A sample paper is provided.

·       Paraphrase the information utilized from the sources. Please, avoid using quotes.

ü  IMPORTANT: Each citation should correspond to a source on the reference page.

·       As an HSA, we must demonstrate professional grammar, spelling, and writing mechanics

ü  Use the tools in Word and/or the free membership at Grammarly.com to proofread your assignment and develop your writing skills/communication.

ü  Avoid plagiarism.

ü  Write in third person and utilize an active voice throughout.

Title of Paper (level one heading)


The first paragraph should be the Introduction. See the Writing module for information regarding the Introduction and Conclusion. Both sections serve as bookends to your paper. The last sentence of this paragraph should be a thesis statement.


Literature Review (level one heading)


Start with an opening sentence or two which provides an overview of the following themes/information.


First Theme (level two heading, left aligned and boldface)


Use level three headings if you wish to further organize the information in sub-sections.


Each theme should include information from the various articles. Cite the evidence from the five sources often. Avoid personal opinions.

Second Theme

Third Theme

Discussion (level one heading)

The discussion section should be short paragraph reviewing why you feel the topic/policy  is important, the relevance to health care, how the three articles are important for contributing to the topic and any gaps in research noted. In other words, "Discuss" what you learned or found about the topic.

Conclusion (level one heading)


COVID-19 on Mental and Physical Health

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation


Professor’s Name



COVID-19 came with a lot of challenges in healthcare provision, both to the healthcare providers and the seekers. COVID-19 changed the protocol of health provision, thereby reducing the quality and its accessibility. Economic challenges as a result of the pandemic have impacted the mental health of people because of increased levels of depression and anxiety given the challenges because of the deviation from the normal. Many people have been laid off from work, meaning that they are stressed. Many people have turned on alcoholism, and others experiencing sleeping disorders. What are the effects that COVID-19 has caused on mental and physical health?

Literature review

In this literature review, the paper will examine the impacts of COVID-19 on the physical and mental health of the front healthcare workers, the aging population, and children. COVID-19 continue to impact the population, but most of the affected group are the children, the aging population, and the frontline health workers.

Health Workers

Health workers have had a heavy burden during the CVID-19 crisis, as they were challenged to contain the spread of the virus. These health workers have faced dire consequences for being in the frontline.  A study conducted by BMC Public health indicates that there is a considerable impact on the psychological health of frontline healthcare workers; the results of the study indicate that nurses are at a higher risk of developing mental disorders in the course of his pandemic. The social care staff were not included in the study. There are other risks factors that were blamed for escalating the risk of healthcare workers during the pandemic including, lack of PPE, fear of infection, and having close contact with COVID-19 (De Kock et al., 2021).   The effect of covid 19 on the mental health situation of healthcare workers could be contained by having adequate knowledge, systemic support, and...


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