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Corona Virus. PPT

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You are a nurse in charge of community health education in the public health department of your city. There an outbreak of a communicable/infectious disease in your area where 200 people are infected and two are in the hospital in critical condition. You need to present an education section regarding the disease to a group of people working in the emergency management program of city.

Using the communicable/infectious disease topic that you choose in your week 5 assignment (CORONAVIRUS) please develop an educational training PowerPoint presentation. The presentation must include the following;

1. Objectives of the presentation

2. Epidemiological data relate to the condition

3. Levels of prevention and interventions

4. Involvement and role of the public/community health professionals

5. Impact of the condition in the community

6. Plan of action

7. Conclusion A minimum of 15 slides are required. You must follow APA guidelines and use at least 4 evidence-based references no more than 5 years old.

*Plagiarism will not be tolerated. 


Corona Virus Institutional Affiliation


  • Coronaviruses (CoV) result in illnesses that range from nasopharyngitis to more severe cases.

  • CoV causes the following severe diseases;
    Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV)

  • Novel coronavirus (nCoV) is the latest strain of CoV’s manifestation.

  • CoVs are zoonotic, therefore, are transmitted between humans and animals.

Objectives of Presentation

Explain epidemiological data relating to CoV.

Educate professionals on treatment protocols of CoV.

Identify the intervention process for CoV.

Acknowledge the involvement of public/community health professionals. Recognize the role of medical professionals in the management of CoV.

Describe the impact of CoV on community. Explain the preferred plan of Action.

Epidemiological Data Related to CoV

There are currently 202 confirmed cases and zero deaths.

There are 200 infected people with 2 under critical conditions.

The growth factor is above 1.0.
There is a significant increase in reported cases.

The incubation period of CoV is 2-14 days (Du Toit, 2020).
Incubation periods direct the implementation of quarantine systems.


Risks of infection increase with age (Du Toit, 2020).
There are no reported cases for children below 9-years-old.

Men are more vulnerable to CoV than women (Riou & Althaus, 2020). People with other ailments have higher comorbidity.

Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes strengthen susceptibility.
Individuals without pre-existing illnesses are less susceptible to CoV.


Indications range from mild symptoms to severe illness CoV has flu-like symptoms (Nkengasong, 2020).

For example, shortness of breath, cough, and fever.
People with other chronic disease have varied symptoms.

For instance, pneumonia, chest tightness, and chest pain. CoV starts with a fever that precedes a dry cough.
After seven days, CoV results in breathing difficulties.

Levels of Prevention and Intervention

Isolate infected patients (Du Toit, 2020).

Avoid close contact with infected people.

Avoid touching certain body parts. For example, mouth, nose, and eyes.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects.
Use cleaning spray or other agents to disinfect surfaces.


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