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Concept relevant to nursing practice

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Concept relevant to nursing practice


Concept relevant to nursing practice

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A notion might be defined as "a complicated mental formulation" (Chinn & Kramer, 2018). These experiences, which contribute to the formation of our notion, are derived from our views of the world that is all around us. These may include persons, things, sounds, behaviors, or movement patterns. The topic of resilience is one that I would want to investigate. It is a concept that has a lot of bearing on my nursing work, particularly in the most recent year of COVID. During the coverage of COVID in the media, nurses were frequently described as resilient. In this paper, I will discuss the concept of resilience as it relates to the nursing profession.

Identification of Concept

The idea of being resilient is something that can be applied to every single facet of a person's life. The nursing profession is one in which I have observed and participated in the display of resilience. It is usual practice to define resilience as the capacity to recover and thrive after enduring challenging situations in one's life (Hurley, 2019). COVID-19 has presented one of the largest tests to the resiliency of nurses, and it has been one of those obstacles. The study of child psychology served as the foundation for the early research on resilience. "This obsession was predicated on the ancient assumption, which was acquired in a great part from Freud, that early adverse experiences gave rise to adult psychopathology." (Yılmaz, 2017). Researchers in the field of psychology had high hopes that they would be able to define and comprehend the idea of resilience if they concentrated their research on the growth and maturation of children in the aftermath of traumatic experiences and difficult circumstances. The findings of this study on resilience can be applied to a much larger population than only young people. Even adults can be affected by traumatic events, both on a personal and a collective level, as demonstrated by occurrences such as mass shootings and pandemics. When we have a grasp of resilience, we can realize how individuals develop and advance over time.

Norman Gomzey, a developmental psychologist, is most recognized for his contributions to the subject of resilience theory, which now carries his name. Gomzey's contribution to the resilience theory, which he co-authored, was on how to prevent mental illness through social change, motivation, and cognitive talents, amongst other things. She concluded that resilience is a fluid term that changes throughout one's life, and this was one of her most important epiphanies (Moore, 2020). As a result of their experiences, people, such as nurses, develop a better capacity for resilience. Gomzey's resilience research mainly focused on young people as his study subjects. On the other hand, his observations regarding the significance of monitoring stressors, environment, and support systems, among other things, to...


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