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Compare and Contrast On the Test Tube and Gel Technology Method in Pretransfusion

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Compare and Contrast On the Test Tube and Gel Technology Method in Pretransfusion


Compare and Contrast On the Test Tube and Gel Technology Method in Pretransfusion

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Compare and Contrast on the Test Tube and Gel Technology Method in Pretransfusion

The test tube method is widely used in blood typing. This test method calls for the use of antigen-specific antisera, and it must be carried out by medically trained personnel. Regardless of the test tube method being the typical in fenile blood typing, it is challenging to standardize its results. In the test tube method, the red blood cell obtained from the patient is covered with antibodies against a specific blood type and then spin and suspended to evaluate for clumping (Bhagwat et al., 2015). It is advantageous to employ this method because it can be performed in any practice, and it requires sophisticated tools. However, there are several disadvantages of using the test tube method in blood typing. Such disadvantages may include the method requiring antigen-specific antisera, having no standard protocol, interpretation, and interpretation; it is a labor-intensive method as it takes about one to complete the test. Additionally, the test method requires a highly trained medical specialist to be carried out, it is prone to producing subject outcomes, and it produces a not stable reaction.

On the flip side, to counter the test tube method's weakness, gel technology is preferred for intensive use in blood typing in human medicine for several years. The gel agglutination test identifies red blood cells antibody-antigen reactions utilizing a boulder pervaded with polyacrylamide gel, which serves to trap a trap by free un-agglutinated red blood cells form prills in the bottom of the tube, and such is construed to be an adverse reaction. Whereas agglutinated red blood cells prevail at the top of the tube or are trapped in the gel, they are said to have depicted a positive reaction. Gel testing technology confers several merits over normal test tube testing, especially when testing many samples. Such advantages realized through the use of gel technology testing are; it portrays a high level of stability, is highly standardized, easy to perform, and interprets the test's resulting outcome.


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