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Community Event: Uni-Tea

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Community Event: Uni-Tea 


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Community Event

Uni-Tea was a cultural program aimed at providing an opportunity to the learners and teachers to interact and share challenges that are predominant in the contemporary learning systems. The event was held in mid-September in the United States at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The event was held by the international office on my campus and encompassed education experts such as Education board members, teachers’ commissions, and students unions. Since the event was based on a different cultural background, I had much to learn from this meeting. It was thrilling to interact with students and academicians from various parts of the world sharing the critical aspects that affect modern education. Cultural events that are aimed at promoting the quality and equality of the education system are imperative for the academic and economic growth and should be encouraged.

I can relate various personal reactions that emanated from the activities of this event. First, it was a jovial gathering, and most students could not help but express their gratitude whenever given a chance to talk during the event. I was happy to notice various learning challenges that are spread all over the world and that every nation has a set of educational these problems to solve. The most thrilling moment was when I interacted with the heads of the training of the International Office Department after their speech on the racial profiling among the students. I was shocked when I discovered that racial aspect in learning among the students and the teachers was not only prevalent in our state but was a common phenomenon that was affecting most immigrants and seekers of academic opportunity.

The event’s message was clear concerning race and gender. Taking the example of the presentation message by the directors of education, it was clear that measures to eliminate, or at least reduce racial profiling, were underway to ensure good coexistence among students and teachers. For a long time, before the inclusive education system, most students from different parts of the world would not be readily admitted into schools within the community. However, the situations are now different since one can access education and associated privileges just like any other student in the community. Besides, the event insisted that the process of recruitment of teachers was being tailored to ensure gender equality in the...


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