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Communication and Collaboration in Action

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Communication and Collaboration in Action


Communication and Collaboration in Action

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Introduction: Interaction between human being can be fructified through verbal and non-verbal cues. In the latter, people can interact through face to face relations and also through the use of phone or video calls. In this form of sharing ideas, interacting partners can take turns in passing information and also get a chance to ask a question where there are doubts (Huxham and Beech, 2003: 44). In the second approach of communication, non-verbal cues, communicators do not use voices; instead, they rely on signals to pass important ideas. The first form of communication and collaboration, voice dialogue, was vital to me while completing this project. If it were not for the collaborative attitude of my colleagues, accomplishing this task would have been a tall order for me.

Personal Reaction: At the beginning of the task, I was a bit skeptical and did not know much about collaboration. In my point of view, I was of the idea that interaction is only typical in large setups such as organization collaborating with allies. According to Kanter (1994) in an article on “Collaborative Advantage," the author asserts that there are three basic directions of communication that enhances interaction between people. In fact, during this project, I was fascinated by the upwards interaction when contacting my supervisor and the lateral interaction when sharing ideas with my peers (Mullins, 2016). As a result, I was thrilled to I managed to collaborate with classmates.

Discussion: The critical success factor during this individual project is that I was able to liaise with people from different academic and social backgrounds. This, according to Kanter (1994: 144), improves the chances of being accurate due to proper consultation. Since the project was individually based, I had a quicker chance of making decisions; however, I realized that there were high chances of making mistakes than when collaborating with another team. The only major challenge that I face is the fact some of my colleagues were unable to understand each other due to language barriers (


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