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Climate Change; Is it a Myth or a Fact

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Final Report - Topic

Climate Change: Is it a Myth or a Fact?

The report needs to include:

Definition of Climate Change, Temperature changes if any, external forcing like greenhouse

gases, galactic variations, orbital variations, and solar variations - such as sunspots - attributed

and expected effects on natural systems, ecological systems, social systems, responses and

views on global warming, politics and public opinion and other views to name a few.

Support your argument with pictures, data charts, graphs, maps etc.

Include a minimum of 4 references, dates of events to support your argument.

Report content must be at least FIVE pages (approximately 1200 words) excluding the pictures,

charts, graphs, maps etc.

Report must be typed using font size 12 and must be double spaced.

Report must have your name and class and must be either stapled or in a folder with pages


5 points off if a minimum of 4 references are not sighted

10 points off for not supporting with data charts/graphs/pictures

15 points extra credit for the presentation of the report

15 points taken off from the report if not present for class presentation(s)


Climate Change: Is it a Myth or a Fact

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Climate Change: Is it a Myth or a Fact


Climate change refers to the alteration in Earth’s weather patterns as a result of rising amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced from the burning of fossil fuels, which causes a dramatic rise in temperatures. Consequently, variation in global temperature instigates climate change, as demonstrated by measurements of different effects of rise in the average temperature on climate systems. A study by NASA determined that during the 20th century, global temperature has increased by about 1 Fahrenheit (as cited by Kaddo, 2016). While the change might appear insignificant, its ramifications on our environment prove otherwise, as depicted by aggressive hurricanes, heat waves, and drought. Change in climate is not a myth since scientists consider it real because it results from solar, orbital, and galactic variations as well as the emission of greenhouse gases, affecting social, ecological, and natural systems.

Solar Variations

Climate change is a fact since the production of greenhouse gases causes an imbalance between elements of Earth's atmosphere, outgoing thermal, and incoming solar radiation. The Earth gets energy from the sun; hence, any solar alteration affects the average temperature levels, leading to the current increase of 1.1 Fahrenheit since 1880 (as shown in Graph 1) (NASA, 2019). Variation in insolation prompts climate change; consequently, over the next century, it is estimated that the Earth will warm by between 1.5 to 4.5C (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2009). Therefore, continued burning of fossils affects the balance between incoming solar and outgoing thermal radiation since it blocks 40% of outbound produced energy, resulting in the Earth heating up, heightening risks of aggressive global weather conditions. Apart from climate change resulting from solar imbalance, variations in cosmic actions also contribute to its reality.

Graph 1: Global Temperature Index

Source: NASA (2019)

Change in climate is real since it results from fluctuation in solar activity that directly affects the flow of cosmic rays, travelling towards Earth, (as shown in Figure 1). According to the Union of Concerned Scientists (2009), cosmic rays and solar energetic elements in the atmosphere use air molecules to create more ions that impact ozone levels in the stratosphere. Kaddo (2016) argued that this change in the stratosphere affects the atmospheric behavior below it, for example, causing a...


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