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Cities and Intersectional Identities

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Cities and Intersectional Identities






Cities and Intersectional Identities

Human interaction is very complicated, mainly because people have to keep building identities that help them associate with one community or another. The difference in how people perceive and depict themselves in the large community has a lot to do with their beliefs. However, geographic concepts also determine how people display their intersectional identifies. Every human being wants to 'belong' to a particular region or group, and those who do not directly associate with such groups are considered outsiders. Unfortunately, people use the parameters of association, belongingness, and identity to fructify disintegration and segregation based on color, race, gender, and even social status. This essay aims to analyze the link between socio-economic, urbanism, communities, and relationships with identity as studied in class.

First, the socio-economic view is a geographic concept because every community has a different model on how they enhance its people's social and economic welfare. In a community where society members are united towards promoting economic prowess, identifying with such a geographic area becomes important. According to Appiah, a third of the white working-class voted for Hillary Clinton, mainly because they could associate with how she articulated her campaign in support of the working-class people. The socio-economic aspect concept works the same; everyone wants to be associated with a person who seems to understand. Additionally, socio-economic factors determined the nature of ideas that people were willing to support. Poor people were inclined to some supporting some ideas, contrary to what the rich people wanted. For example, Appiah indicates that "as a black man, Iā€™m against the cops, but as a man with property, well, I need the cops.ā€ This shows how geographic concepts of socio-economy affected identity.

Secondly, urbanism's geographical aspect is related to the class readings in how different people shaped their identities, mainly when imposing some authority. The idea of urbanism is closely associated with the community because it sets forth the type of people who lives in particular areas, mainly based on their social statuses and consequently affecting their identity. For example, Rachel believed that ā€œā€¦ disinvestment from communities of color are all forms of identity politics," which helped people from different backgrounds to align with the political identity they feel will address their needs. Additionally, people in urban areas felt the need to have special identities that can seclude their general population. Urban lives were mainly for the affluent people who conducted their business; they need political identity and...


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