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Checkpoint Assignment Company Selection

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Checkpoint Assignment Company Selection


Checkpoint Assignment Company Selection

The selected company is Airbnb. The company was started in 2008 in San Francisco, California. The company offers online rental services for vacation houses in the area of lodging, tourism, and homestays. The company operates under the brokers' mode since it does not own any houses or hold any vacationing events. In this essay, I will examine scan the environment and some financial analysis for Airbnb.

Political Factor

As noted by Liyanage et al. (2019), political factors are aspects that can easily be influenced by a government through its mode of governance. This way, when a specific country has reservations regarding a particular type of business or company, it constitutes to political influence on a business. Currently, Airbnb has a perfect political environment since it is not limited or affected by regulations set in the country so far. This allows the business to open branches and franchises in different parts of the world.

Economic Factor

This is an essential aspect of an environment in which a business operates. Currently, the economic factors of Airbnb are not very pleasant. The economy in the ongoing COVID-19 has destabilized different parts of the world. The situation continues to worsen since many governments have restricted gathering and vacationing, affecting the Airbnb products' market. Some of the main indicators under the Airbnb economic factors are interest rates, inflation, wage rate, as well as the exchange rate between countries (Nieuwland & Van-Melik, 2020).

Social Factor

The culture of a community also plays a vital role in the success or failure of any business. In this case, Airbnb can be affected due to social standing in some countries. However, due to its business nature, the company does not have any social limitations that may significantly affect its performance (Rimer, 2017).

Legal Factors

Airbnb's legal aspects may entail any policies set by different nations that may affect how Airbnb carries out its business. This may...


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