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Change Management Plan 2

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Change Management Plan 2


Change Management Plan 2



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As a result of a government funding, Houston Rural Health Care Centre has received a financial boost that will enable the improvement of healthcare services delivery as occasioned by the shift from predominantly curative to integrated care. In principle, there are various significant aspects that require an immediate change at the Health Centre courtesy of the intended changes reflecting on the integrated healthcare system. The main areas that need to be addressed and changed include Social and Continuing Care, The Health Centre, primary care as well as other important aspects of healthcare services. For that reason, this paper-based essay focuses on analyzing the financial implications of the intended changes on the health care services.

Primary Care

Primary care at Houston Rural Health Care Centre is more than just a basic set of services. It represents an integrated and people-centered approach to the dispensation of care to the community as well as individuals; thus, forming the foundation of the healthcare system (Horwitz, 2005, pp.790). It is important to acknowledge that the government allocated funds, as well as the existing resources complemented by the additional human resources, will be critical in the adoption and collaboration of integrated healthcare systems. For that reason, the Health Centre will devote considerable resources towards establishing internal quality improvement (QI) infrastructure so that to mobilize the human resources towards the delivery of proper health care services. Accordingly, QI will become very significant to the environment and culture of patient care which will result in improvement of quality.

In addition, the changes in primary care will result in the Health Centre implementing prospective payment systems based on diagnosis-related groups, thus encouraging the dispensation of primary care efficiently. This improvement in activities regarding the delivery of high-quality care will directly impact on the financial gains of the Health Centre, due to the direct increase in profits. Further, it will be significant that the management of the Health Centre decides on making more investments in improving the quality improvement (QI) efforts, given the scale of resources available, service provision and the number of patients to be served. However, it is prudent to recognize that the government funding concerning the improvement of primary care will have...


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