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Case Studies; Organizational Communication and Culture

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 Assignment #3 – Case Study Portfolio 

Assignment Instructions


 The case study should be comprised of two parts:

Summarize the case (approx. one-third of the case study): Briefly describe a specific organizational communication incident or challenge, and provide some sense of the larger organizational context in which it occurred. If the case is based on an event discovered through secondary research, please cite the original story. If drawing on personal experience, please protect the privacy of those involved by anonymizing the name of the organization and those involved; use descriptors instead (e.g., a national

  financial institution, or the assistant manager). Note that you are not expected to undertake primary research for this assignment.

Assignment Checklist

    How clearly is the communication problem, and its context, defined?

    How deeply is the communication problem analyzed? What methods are used              to analyze the problem or challenge?

    Are proposed solutions logical and well argued? Are they supported by research?

    Is the case study clear, concise, coherent, and well organized?

    Are sentences well written and understandable? Are the mechanics of grammar,          punctuation, spelling, and usage correct?


Case Studies: Organizational Communication and Culture

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Case Studies: Organizational Communication and Culture

Air Canada

Section 1: Background Information

Air Canada is Canada’s flag carrier and a leader in the international air transportation market. Air Canada (2019) indicates that it operates in over 200 global destinations where it provides passenger and cargo services. This airline operates internationally, which equips it with competitive advantage.

Section 2: Challenge

            The biggest challenge of Canada’s flag carrier is ineffective channels of communication. This weakness underlines the unhealthy organizational culture where information flows downward rather than upward and horizontally (Sorensen, 2012; Wicker & Breuer, 2013). Poor communication in an organization causes hostilities because employees feel that the management ignores their grievances and opinions.

Section 3: Potential Solutions

a)      Restructure internal communication processes. The company can solve the challenge by adopting a balance between bottom-up and top-down communication approach. For example, American Airlines (2019) uses this method to ensure interaction with its employees during goals setting and decision-making. This approach promotes internal business conversations because the airline listens to its staff members (American Airlines, 2019). The success of this strategy relies on effective communication infrastructure.

b)     Implement an open-door policy. Air Canada should reduce obstacles between employees and management. For example, American Airlines (2019) uses open-door policy for adequate flow of information and notes that this approach allows its employees to feel comfortable, raise issues on company operations, and enhance operational safety. Hence, Air Canada can leverage open-door policy to create a more conducive working environment.

c)      Rearrange office layout. Air Canada can mitigate communication breakdown by changing the office set-up to encourage employee collaboration. Faced with the same challenges, American Airlines adopted open-space office and, as a result, improved workplace communication between the management and employees. This type of office plan makes the administration approachable because it does not separate employees (American Airlines, 2019). However, this style also has some weaknesses. In particular, open-office design reduces office security due to lack of lockable doors. Though, despite a limitation in terms of reduced security, such office layout will promote interaction between workers in Air Canada.

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