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Case Analysis: Excessive Automobile Traffic in London

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Root problem

Alternatives which can be used to solve jams in London

Assess the risks of the project: Complexity

  1. clarity, and size
  2. Methodology used in the case to implement the project
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Case Analysis: Excessive Automobile Traffic in London


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Root problem

The root problem in the case that is facing London is the excess automobile traffic. This issue has led to wastage of time that apparently drags the economy back. According to White (2008), time is a major factor in the production and operation in business. He further argues that time and transport are interlinked as each facilitates the achievement of each other. With an average speed of 10 miles per hour, this would suffocate the development agenda for the whole country. According to the case, besides frustrating the drivers, the congestion also harm the environment and economic growth. Traffic jams are the biggest problem to businesses in London as it cost them over $3 per every week.

Alternatives which can be used to solve jams in London

In the efforts to address this issue, London government can adopt the following four strategies. First, they may consider doing nothing. If the government decide to apply this status quo approach, they will secure the citizens' tax by not investing in a project that has never been implemented before by any nation. However, this would not solve the traffic issue since more vehicle would increase along the city center worsening the situation. Secondly, the government could restrict personal vehicles from entering the major town centers and authorize only public service vehicles to reduce congestion. Thirdly, the government can use the ideal solution which...


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