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Brigham and Women’s Hospital Case Analysis

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The root problem in the case

Alternatives that might be adopted by the organization

Positive and negative role of IT

IT-related concepts that I learned during the class and why they are important


Brigham and Women’s Hospital Case Analysis


Institution Affiliation

ISM-5150 Final Exam

Case analysis

The root problem in the case

The root problem facing the Brigham and Women’s Hospital is the complaint coming from the side of employees sighting that the system is complicated and not user-friendly. The traction has led to a point where some employees feel they are not being considered during the implementation of some massive projects as this one. The issues are accelerated by the fact that most employees are old and take much time and effort to adapt to this new system which, in extreme cases, have led to early retirement by some medical staff. The primary constraints that the organization is facing is the employees’ attitude toward the new system. Despite the financial sacrifice that Brigham and Women’s Hospital has committed, the success and full leverage of the Epic system can only be realized upon the willingness of the physicians and other medical practitioners to adopt it in a bid to minimize the operation time and improve efficiency.

Alternatives that might be adopted by the organization

Various options exist which the Brigham and Women’s Hospital group might decide to use to correct the current situation. First, they can choose to do nothing. This approach is reactive, yet it would be very instrumental in ensuring the organization does not incur additional cost in trying to correct the situation. Under this strategy, the organization would expect the employees that are complaining about the usability of the new system to adapt and like the system with time. Second, the organization might decide to adopt the middle of the road strategy. Though some employees are complaining that the system is not okay, others fill the system is an excellent idea. The middle of the road approach will ensure partially involving the group’s management by sharing the roles within the medical facility to give the duties that do not require interaction with the system to the employees that are not comfortable with it. Thirdly the group can adopt a strategy that mitigates the problem from spreading. The mitigation strategy ensures that more harm does not occur and at the same time the system is maintained to protect the comfort of the group that feels the importance of this technological advancement in worthwhile.


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