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Book Review: The Orenda By Joseph Boyden

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Book Review: The Orenda By Joseph Boyden


Book Review: The Orenda By Joseph Boyden

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The Orenda, by Joseph Boyden, is an outstanding story since the author discusses ancient culture and accounts of an era of catastrophic change. Published in 2013 as a three-part historical epic it provides a set of mid-17th century when Europeans moved to Canada and destabilized indigenous people. It offers a reasonably accurate picture as it presents a period of brutality between the Iroquois and the Huron, coinciding with the efforts of the Catholic Church to spread Christianity among Aboriginals. Joseph fully dramatizes the forces that decimated Canada’s First National cultural values and beliefs, an inevitable eventuality as suggested by the novel. Using the theme of violence and religion, Boyden provides accurate details of historical chronicles and focuses on their importance on Canadian history.

Descriptive Paragraph

The novella is about a ruthless genocide that led to the abduction of Snow Falls, a young spirited and gifted Iroquois girl by Bird, a great warrior of the Huron. The captor, as a victim of war, lost his family; as a result, Snow Falls reminds him of his lost daughter. He recognizes her unique gift and acknowledges that it can help him manage the troubles of his life. Gradually, the Iroquois and the Huron face more significant danger from afar in Christianity. Christophe, a Jesuit missionary, is intrigued by local natives’ way of life and dedicates himself to investigate their social norms to ensure they accept Christ; however, he ends up bringing more than just his religious beliefs. All of these provide the plot summary of the book.

Analysis of Themes

a)    Violence


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