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Book Chapter Analysis-Systems Tasks

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Book Chapter Analysis-Systems Tasks


Systems Tasks


Institution Affiliation

This chapter of the book is based on analyzing the system task of monitoring and troubleshooting shipping operations. Furthermore, this section is deeply rooted on clarifying key points of the system steps that are focused on information-based systems and hardware system work. Thus, the primary goal of system task analysis is to enhance the performance of the work system as well as the output of the employee. Hence, each step of the process has been clarified in this chapter with further suggestions on how to improve the systems tasks.

Ideally, this chapter states that ACME seat cover orders are handled by a shipping system that analyzes customers’ specific orders. As a result, according to Swanson (1994), the system spine comprises the following key steps: orders received, fill order, pack order and shipped order. Firstly, the initial step often regarded as the input is referred to as order received, in this step orders are classified and items selected. An order ticket is generated so that customers' requests for products are well specified. Secondly, fill order the next step in the process, the employees after classifying customers orders can check whether the products are in stock. If the product is in stock, the order moves to the next processing step, while on the other hand if the product is not in stock the employees look for substitutes where the customer is informed. If the client finds the alternative acceptable, the order is moved onto the third step of processing. If the client rejects the substitute, the order ticket is moved back to the initial step of order received. Thirdly, pack order is another essential step of the process that dependents on the fill order stage. This step comprises of product labeling that is informed with the pallet decision, which subjects the order to inspection. After all, aspects are considered the order is documented for recording purposes and cleared to move to the final stage. Finally, the last step involves shipping the order to the destination of the customer. Additionally, to improve the system's task, it is prudent to computerize the inventory system, improve on the customer employees’ level of communication, in regards to the substitution of parts and to improve on the order delivery speed, where the customers can select the preferred mode of delivery. 

Accordingly, the advantages of knowledge tasks are...


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