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Bonus Response Cost Punishment

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Second Question

1a). How the elements of the bonus cost punishment address the case issues.

1b). Supporting evidence from the Chapter reading

2. Application of Bonus Response in improving Learning and Teaching


Bonus Response Cost Punishment


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First Question

Jonathan, a third-grade student, has a tendency of not submitting the classwork with increased talking out of turn that is becoming a tremendous impendent to his learning. As a result, he is due to incurring response cost as a remedy to this behavior aimed at improving his responsiveness in the submission of complete classwork. The response cost will entail deducting some marks every time he does not hand in the completed assignment that will make him become more dedicated and concentrate not to lose more points in his final grade. However, as his teacher, I feel that this cost may raise some negative perceptions from the student which may adversely affect his concentration in my subject and other subjects. First, this response cost may make Jonathan hopeless and give up in the studies as a result of losing more points. Secondly, response costs associate with charging the student on account of inappropriate behavior by taking away the points that the students earned when they were behaving appropriately: this makes students offended since they consider it unfair.

However, these shortcomings can be remedied through a bonus response cost. In this case, I would give Jonathan a bonus response of 10 cards per day that would be marked every time he talks out of turn during the classwork. All the unmarked cards would be considered as points earned, and I would add such points to the overall grade necessary to his final test. Through the application of this bonus strategy, Jonathan will be compelled to talk less during classwork. The primary benefit...


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