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Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment and Analysis

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Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment and Analysis


Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment and Analysis

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Bio-Psycho-Socio Assessment and Analysis

PART A: Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment

The presenting issue is that Dalia's parents feel that her behavior has significantly changed negatively. At the same time, Dalia perceives that the problem is with the parents since they have changed a lot since her other siblings left home. According to the case study, Plummer et al. (2014) indicate that Dalia's parents reported that she was a well-behaved child; however, after reporting for middle school, she started to keep bad company, leading to a drinking problem. Her change in behavior affected her relationship with her parents as she became rebellious, angry, and confrontational; that is why her parents have opted to take her for counseling.

Some of the key demographic details regarding the case study's main subject are that she is 14 years old. Additionally, Dalia is a biracial female from a mixture of and African and an Irish American parent. Dalia has two siblings at her home, a brother and sister who are much older than her. Dalia lives with her parents in a middle-class suburb. Additionally, Dalia is raised by two parents throughout her life. 

Dalia and her family's current living situation is tense; due to lack of understanding of several aspects such as parenting style, Dalia is rude to her parents and has even stated engaging with a bad company of friends. Dalia feels neglected as she spends more time alone, but with more scrutiny from her parents than what her sister experienced. The alteration in her family's dynamics is a prevalent issue that has affected how Dalia behaves at home and school; hence, her erratic conduct appears to be a tactic to get her parent's attention and get treated as her sister.


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