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Benefits of Inclusive Classrooms

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Benefits of Inclusive Classrooms 


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Benefits of Inclusive Classrooms

The article, “Opinion: Inclusive classrooms benefit all Children," written by Shah Focuses on challenges faced by school-going children with disabilities. The author opines that, regardless of any form of disability, children have the right to access quality learning services both at home and school. Shah argues that, in South Africa and Russia, children with disabilities are forcefully isolated from communities and made to attend segregated schools leading to low school turnout and performance. It is this form of treatment that has made life challenging for children with disabilities; as it is evident through their failure inside and outside the classrooms. To help children with disabilities schools should have an inclusive program that recognises students' capabilities and build on their competencies.

Children with disabilities should require an inclusive educational system that allows them to learn together on an equal basis. The author recounts events of attending an integrated school and several benefits gained through motivating children with disabilities and boosting their self-esteem. When children with disabilities share classrooms with other differently gifted learners, they get an opportunity to learn how to create friendship and resolve arguments. Besides, the author reinforces his position by indicating that an integrated curriculum provides disabled students with an enabling environment which makes them feel being part of the learning session. Consequently, they are equipped with the ability to handle different challenges in the school and even as they pursue personal career growth.

I agree with Shah that failure of instituting a comprehensive teaching program around the world has curtailed children with disability from attaining proper academic and social development. The author argues that being in the United States was advantageous since he had access to people who believed in him through his learning process. I recall when I joined high; the school administration was very welcoming to children with disability, and since then, I have noted remarked growth among students living with disabilities.  On this note, the author of the article argues that a majority among 93 million children with disabilities around the world do not enjoy sufficient schooling privileges. For example, the author states that in South Africa, government officials have failed in their mandate to empower children with disabilities leading to increased cases of...


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